The Museum of Carlisle History is a project of the Carlisle High School Alumni Association.  When the association was re-organized in 2000, there was a commitment made to begin preserving the history of the Carlisle schools, city of Carlisle, and the surrounding communities.  During the first few years of our annual homecoming celebration, individuals began donating historical items and memorabilia to be displayed during homecoming weekend.  Many of these remained in the possession of the association.  Efforts were begun to find a permanent location for our growing collection.

In 2008, the association began negotiations with the Carlisle School district to occupy the former high school cafeteria and superintendent's office.  This building was left vacant after the new Carlisle High School was opened.  A partnership was formed and the alumni association now had a permanent location.  All of our collection was moved into the building the Museum of Carlisle History was up and running.

The collection continues to grow and includes items from the history Carlisle Schools, the City of Carlisle, surrounding "country" schools that eventually consolidated to Carlisle, local civic clubs and home extension clubs, and our local newspaper.  We estimate that our current collection contains nearly 10,000 items.  Volunteers work at the museum throughout the year to record information into our digital collection software and perform conservation work on fragile items.  Each year during homecoming weekend, graduating classes celebrating decade reunions are invited to set up special memorabilia displays in the museum.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the efforts of the museum should contact the alumni association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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