While Carlisle had a school as early as 1873, the first known high school graduate was Ruby Cook in 1906. The graduation of Ms. Cook led to the formation in 1915 of what would be known as the Carlisle Alumni Association. Early records and minutes indicate that the alumni association met annually in late May or June to coincide with the end of the school year. The association met in various locations including the American Legion Hut and later the WPA gymnasium. The annual meeting included elaborate decorations, a dinner, program, election of officers and dancing. Each year, the association would recognize seniors from the current graduating class. Minutes also indicate that the association sponsored the school athletic program at various times.

The association met on May 30, 1940 for what would be the last gathering before World War II started. At this meeting, Nadine Raborn Perkins, class of 1935, was elected secretary. The association was inactive during the war and for various reasons never resumed activities.

In early 2000, a group of Carlisle alumni met with the intention of re-organizing the association. Mrs. Perkins presented the 1940 minutes and they were approved. The following officers were elected and once again the alumni association was off and running!

President, Peggy Bolls Bailey, 1960
Vice President, Bob McCallie, 1960
Secretary, Carolyn Ferguson Marek, 1960
Treasurer, Faye Lynn Clayton Yarnell, 1960
Reporter, Olivia Amaden Kegley, 1958

The intent of this core group of alumni was to coordinate activities for alumni to be held during homecoming weekend in the Fall of 2000. In organizing alumni and soliciting memberships for the association, the group also made a commitment to provide scholarship assistance to Carlisle High School graduating seniors. After much hard work, the first alumni homecoming weekend was held October 20-21, 2000. Since then, the alumni association has hosted homecoming weekend each year. The celebration has grown and expanded and is now anxiously anticipated by alumni from all over the United States. Most classes hold reunions in conjunction with homecoming weekend and the decade classes are honored and represented each year with special memorabilia displays.


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