Class Of 1968

President: Ronnie Lenderman Colors: Blue
Vice-President: Cynthia Young Flower: Rose
Secretary: Martha Gartman Song: Born Free
Treasurer: Glenda Jarrett Motto: Live to learn and learn to live
Reporter: Valerie Fulcher & Judy Taylor  


Class Members

Married, 2 children, girl, age 39 and boy, 18 (yes, the age is correct!) part-time RN. Hobbies: volunteer at Humane Society of Pulaski County, playing tennis, reading

Ph.D. (accounting) from the University of Tampere Finland, 1979; Visiting professor of accounting at Mississippi State University, USA, 1990 - 1991; Appointed full professor of accounting at the University of Tampere, Finland; Three children and three ...


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